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Te Rangikapiki Fraser (Maori 1986)

This beautiful art piece is based on a traditional Maori weapon, the wahaika. A wahaika or “mouth of the fish” is used by the Maori’s for hand-to-hand fighting. It is named after the notch on the side which is used to catch an opponent’s weapon.

The art piece was created by Te Rangikapiki Fraser, a talented Maori artist. He carved this beautiful wahaika out of ironwood and finished it with harakeke, a flax plant from New Zealand, and duck feathers.

  • Maori
  • Te Rangikapiki Fraser
  • Ironwood, Harakeke and duck feathers
Made in: 2017
Size: 35x30x15 cm
Price: € 2450
Financial lease: € 94 per month based on 36 months, include insurance.