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The First Nation and Maori cultures have a lot in common. Next to their customs and their artistic backgrounds, both these cultures inhabited the American West Coast centuries ago. 


From the north to the south

Part of the population carried on to the North and settled in Canada. Another part of the population carried on through Alaska and Siberia in the direction of South-East Asia. These people had mastered the art of seafaring by canoe, which eventually led them to Polynesia where they lived for decades. The next generation created advanced hand-made canoes with sails and floats and headed South. Australia was already inhabited by the Aboriginals, which led to the Maori settling in New Zealand (800 aC).

Separated but not alienated

Consequently, the two nations have been separated for centuries, yet they are not estranged. The distance between Vancouver and Auckland across the Pacific Ocean is 12.000 kilometer. Yet, these people have preserved their original values and culture, which becomes clear in their relationship with nature, dancing, religion, art and specifically for the Maori the art of traditional tattoos. 


The artists

First nation
  • Susan Point

  • Robert Davidson

  • Joe David

  • Don & Kyran Yeomans

  • Klatle-Bhi

  • Francis Horne sr.

  • Trevor Hunt

  • Douglas Zilkie

  • Roi Toia

  • Todd Couper

  • Gordon Toi Hatfield

  • Tom Milligan

  • Aaron Kereopa

  • Randal Leach

  • Jenny Mehrtens (NZ Artist)

Making of...

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