About us


Who are we?

We (Barend and Rebecca Elshout) from ArtWise, have a young company that got to know the First Nation and Maori cultures during a number of travels to West Canada and New Zealand.  These cultures and our first encounters with their respective art forms captured us. After a busy business life of more than 30 years, we decided in 2017 to focus on (helping to preserve) these cultures. Once a year we visit relevant areas and maintain personal contact.

Our mission and vision

Our mission is to make Native Art known to the European public, in order to contribute to the preservation of these original cultures. 

Our customer-oriented solutions will help us introduce this form of art and will help us make it available to a wider audience. Target customers are art enthusiasts, art collectors and investors. These could include individuals, companies as well as museums.


Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Annually, we donate 2.5% of our gross profit to Native Art cultures. This could include local schools, museums or other special projects that contribute to the preservation of the First Nation and Maori cultures.  Consequently, as our customer you help preserve these cultures!