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Reweti by Patricia Steur

Art Print on perspex

Reweti Hui Kaakahu Te Mete “I’m Maori and I’m proud!”
Application of moko: 33 hours, tattoo machine, traditional tools

“The moko on my legs acknowledges my ancestral canoes and their journey to Aotearoa. The moko on my back is a representation of my ancestral mountain, Mauoa. The design represents five hammer-head sharks, recognition of my five tribal affiliations. The moko on my abdomen is an acknowledgement of my mother: her ancestry and how she gave me life. Pühoro affirms my identity. It is the vehicle where I acknowledge my Maori ancestry. Wearing pühoro enhances a person’s inner strength, self-determination, and courage to go places where you may not normally go. It also affirms my commitment to the growth and well-being of my culture.” (from the book Dedicated by Blood)

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Includes Certificate of Authenticity

  • Patricia Steur Photography
  • Patricia Steur
Made in: 2000
Size: 50 x 50 cm
Price: € 1675
Financial lease: € 71 per month based on 36 months, include insurance.