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Nurturing the land, caring for the oceans, providing for the generations (Sold)

Maia Gibbs (Maori 1988)

This beautiful, detailed drawing by Maia Gibbs represents a famous Maori saying: “We are a part of our environment, the environment is not part of us.” If we do not make a significant change now, we will be known forever as the generation that allowed the world to be destroyed.

This beautiful Maori style drawing stands for nurturing the land, caring for the oceans and providing for the generations. The closer you get to the drawing, the more you’ll get drawn in by the unbelievable details. The drawing has beautiful green and turquoise colours which will definitely brighten up your interior.

  • Maori
  • Maia Gibbs
  • Framed and signed original drawing
Made in: 2019
Size: 50x42 cm
Price: € 650
Financial lease: € 26,50 per month based on 36 months, include insurance.