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Making their Mark (Sold)

Jenny Mehrtens (1962 – NZ artist)

The big, expressive eyes of this girl in this unique Maori style painting immediately draw your attention. The beautiful drawings overlay is completely symmetrical and contains gold leaf. The girl depicted was a real Maori and lived in New Zealand around 1910.

The painting was made by Jenny Mehrtens, a NZ artist who was very curious about her ancestors and decided to create a series of artworks containing different Maori’s from back in the day. She based her paintings on old black and white photos. The painting is made on oak wood which gives the painting beautiful earthy and warm colours. “Making their Mark” will be an absolute eyecatcher in your interior with a special story.

  • NZ artist
  • Jenny Mehrtens
  • Wood
Made in: 2016
Size: 112x112x4 cm
Price: € 5950
Financial lease: € 198 per month based on 36 months, include insurance