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Jada by Patricia Steur

Art Print on perspex

Jada Tahu Ngawai Tait – Jamiesen
Application of moko: 2 x 2 hours, tattoo machine

“It comes with the responsibility of carriage - meaning that I’ve chosen to earn the right to wear this: looking deeper into my whakapapa and who I’m being, but also where I’ve come from. I have never had a negative reaction to my moko: curiosity yes, awe yes, appreciation yes. But from all across the board it has drawn second glances, especially from women. The moko on the stomach I think is the ultimate in femininity.” (from the book Dedicated by Blood)

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Inlcusief Certificaat van echtheid

  • Patricia Steur Photography
  • Patricia Steur
  • Art Print on perspex
Gemaakt in: March 1999, completion 2000
Formaat: 50 x 50 cm
Prijs: € 1675
Financial lease: € 71 per maand op basis van 36 maanden incl. verzekering