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Welcome to the ArtWise.com website.
Our ArtWise website specialises in offering ‘Native Art’. Native Art is the art form created by the original inhabitants of West-Canada (First Nations) and the Maori from New Zealand. 

We work with artists that have inherited their techniques, choice of materials and meaning of their art from their ancestors. ArtWise collaborates with top of the bill artists who create both high-quality and unique works of art. The art objects are often issued with an original signature or original certificate.

ArtWise has a collection of unique pieces in stock at all times. Moreover, we have easy access to supplies of cooperating local galleries. 

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A few of the most famous artists that we work with: 

First Nations Artists:

Susan Point                  Robert Davidson 
Joe David                      Don & Kyran Yeomans
Klatle-Bhi                     Francis Horne sr.
Douglas Zilkie

Maori Artists:

Roi Toia                        Todd Couper
Gordon Toi Hatfield      Tom Milligan
Aaron Kereopa            

Jenny Mehrtens (NZ Artist)

‘Mosquito panel van Trevor Hunt’. Gecarved in red cedar wood.

Our aim is to send a newsletter twice a year, informing those interested about the latest ArtWise news and update you about our new supplies. Moreover, we would like to share your ArtWise experiences with other customers. You can enrol here: