Making their Mark

  • Gemaakt in 2017
  • Todd Couper (1974 – Maori)
  • Formaat: 40 x 22 x 20 cm
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Ruaitehorahorai 2

  • Made in 2017
  • Randal Leach (Maori)
  • Size: 120 cm round
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Toki poutangata

  • Gordon Roi Hatfield (1964 – Maori)
  • Formaat: 38 x 32 x 13 cm
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Maori Warrior

  • Gemaakt in 2016
  • Joe David (1946 – First Nation)
  • Formaat: 35 x 20 x 25 cm
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Eagle Head ‘The ancient Hokioi’
€ 9500
Ruaitehorahorai 2 (Sold)
€ 4500
Toki poutangata (Sold)
€ 3500
Maori Warrior
€ 9500 specialized in Native Art

Native Art is the art form created by the original inhabitants of West-Canada (First Nations) and the Maori from New Zealand. We work with artists that have inherited their techniques, choice of materials and meaning of their art from their ancestors

Enter our world of dynamic contrasts.
Encounter our stories, places, and people.
Explore the creativity essential to the expression of our identity.

Qualitative and unique pieces

ArtWise collaborates with top of the bill artists who create both high-quality and unique works of art. The art objects are often issued with an original signature or original certificate.

ArtWise has a collection of unique pieces in stock at all times. Moreover, we have easy access to supplies of cooperating local galleries. 

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  • Always various objects in stock
  • Keep the artwork for 1 month at home
  • Possibility to trade in the objects
  • Works of art can be leased per month

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